"I've been having Jess's reflexology since 2013 and love her treatments"
Sienna Miller

"An indulgence I would never forego is my Saturday-morning reflexology session with Jessica Appleby. I believe feet have special powers, and the session keeps me sane."
Sandra Choi
Creative Director
Jimmy Choo
From the Financial Times 05.08.13

"Jess gives the most amazing hand and feet reflexology treatment - I swear by her when I get off an LA-London flight to help me get grounded and reduce my airplane aches."
Liz Goldwyn
American Filmmaker,
Artist and writer

"As an ex-professional dancer my feet have been through the wars to say the least. I still do regular ballet and also run all distances from 10km to marathons. I have always had regular massages and I would say that the miracles that Jessica performs with her reflexology on my battered feet is a big factor in me being able to continue dancing,. After a 1 hour session with Jessica my feet feel 18 years old again."
Tony Kosoko BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Clinical Director
The Practice Notting Hill

"I have known Jess for a number of years now and I feel we have become good friends. Over this time Jess has helped me through some difficult times both personally and healthwise with treatments and her kindness too. One of my difficulties was/is a difficulty in sleeping the whole night through - but following my treatments I know I will always get a night of truly pure restful sleep and wake feeling a million dollars and back on top of the world and able to cope with whatever comes my way! Jess is a gifted therapist and a genuinely good and honest person. I was blessed the day our paths crossed. Thank you Jess."
Julia Carroll

"I have been having Reflexology with Jess on average once a week for over three years. I absolutely love her treatments which help me to destress and relax after a long and busy day at the hospital. I highly recommend her to any prespective clients."
Dr. Sanella Capitanovitch
London University.

"Whenever I need full body relaxation I go to Jess Appleby for her reflexology - Jess you're amazing!"
Rosamund Pike

"During the third trimester of my pregnancy I relied on Jess’ sessions and her super powers to keep me balanced, relaxed and healed. Her knowledge and passion for reflexology is a force to be reckoned with. It was by far the best treatment I had during my pregnancy and will continue the sessions after birth."
Natalia Barbieri
Bionda Castana shoe Atelier

"The best reflexology, I cannot live without Jess now it's the key to keeping me balanced in my hectic life."
Natasha Corrett
Honestly Healthy foods

"Jess's reflexology sessions are fantastic. She works on your feet leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Jess comes highly recommended by many of the girls who I have taught yoga to, her reflexology sessions can really help during pregnancy, labour and recovery after your birth."
Tara Lee
Life Centre

"I have been having treatments with Jess for over 10 years and her knowledge and understanding of Reflexology is wonderful and very reassuring.
I usually need a calming session and seeing Jess always leaves me completely relaxed, centered and walking on air. I have also given Jess treatments as gifts and my friends have also enjoyed the experience immensely."
Mushi Jenner.

"Jessica has been treating me for over 5 years and I recommend her highly. She always takes the time to ask what needs fixing, and then after a blissful hour I am always guaranteed to float through the rest of the day!"
Nadia Ladas

"I was introduced to Jess by a friend, who had been enjoying reflexology treatments for some time. Since then, Jess has visited me at home and I have benefited from regular treatments at convenient times to suit me.Jess is professional, punctual and performs non- rushed and relaxed treatments with the utmost care. She has helped me to appreciate the importance of stimulating the reflex points in the feet, allowing blocked energy to flow freely throughout the body - this leads to a wonderful feeling of well being - thank you Jess."
Linda Thomas