pre-conception, pregnancy
and birth

Whether you are planning a new baby, having difficulties conceiving or already pregnant, reflexology can be a wonderful therapy for helping both yourself and your partner.  It is one of the most popular complimentary therapies in these areas.

Reflexology helps to balance and harmonise the body.  Through your feet we can work on all the major endocrine organs which excrete the body's hormones. In turn this will be extremely useful in helping to create the perfect environment for a successful pregnancy.

Often with our hectic lifestyles, diet, chemicals etc  our bodies become in-balanced and do not function as well as they could and people experience problems or delays in pregnancy.  Endocrine balancing and linking are techniques which have a very positive effect on fertility and relaxation.  This treatment is for both men as women as two people are involved !

Once pregnant, throughout each trimester your body will be adapting constantly to your new baby.  Although this is a wonderful time it may leave you with some unwanted symptoms, such as nausea, back ache, indigestion, water retention or insomnia.  By having regular reflexology treatments we are able to help your body to adjust and cope with these symptoms more effectively.

Increasing numbers of doctors and midwifes are also recommending reflexology for overdue pregnancies.  Mothers who are overdue benefit greatly from a much more invigorating treatment focussing on specific reflexes to stimulate and hopefully help things on their way.