about myself

I have been working as a London based reflexologist since 2000, after completing my Association of Reflexology Accredited Course in central London.  I have additional training in pre-conception, pregnancy and birth that I completed at the London School of Reflexology.

My interest in reflexology started over two decades ago, with my own amazing experience of reflexology through the hands of another practitioner. What started as a 'last resort' for a re-occurring condition became, not only the solution, but also a great insight to what was possible through the knowledge of this amazing complimentary therapy. I researched the background and benefits of reflexology and was so intrigued decided to train as a therapist myself.

Since then I have focused solely on reflexology, as this is what I love. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience due to dealing with such a wide and varied clientele with a variety of different conditions and ailments.

As a practitioner I have seen just how beneficial this wonderful treatment is and how much it is enjoyed.  I always look forward to meeting my new clients and sharing my knowledge and experience with them.